Bratto/Castione della Presolana (Bergamo) - 22/29 August 2021

Safety Protocol FSI/CONI


A press release has been published on the FSI website, relating to the green pass, for chess events.

Download the document at this link:

The sporting event in question is authorized in its development, even if the region where it is located were in the red zone, being a “competitive level sporting event recognized by CONI of pre-eminent national interest” (

The inclusion of the tournament among the FSI tournaments recognized by CONI as having national interest can be verified at the link:

Participating athletes, and all those whose presence is essential for the development or participation in the event (players, referees, managers, accompanying persons of minors or non self-sufficient persons), are allowed inter-regional travel, even through or with destination red zones in order to reach the competition venue of the event.

The possibility of carrying out these “sporting events of pre-eminent national interest”, also in the red zone, as well as the related possibility of interregional transfer for athletes and sports operators, is contained in a clarifying document issued by the Government – Dipartimento dello Sport, at the link

With regard to the anti Covid-19 measures, the organizers undertake to diligently comply with the health regulations that will be in force at the time of the sporting event, both the governmental and regional ones, and those dictated by the FSI / CONI protocol attached herein that the participants at the tournament they are required to read, know and respect.

Each player registered to the tournament undertakes to provide via email, within 48 hours of the start of the event, the self-certification form which can be downloaded at this address duly completed and signed.

In order to improve safety conditions and comfort, the maximum number of players for which registrations will be accepted is 100 (according to the first-in, first-served principle), the spaces between players will be regulated in compliance with the FSI/CONI security protocol, the majority of the gaming stations (about 80% out of 50 stations) will be set up with adequate parafiato plexiglass dividers in order to contain the dimensions of the gaming table in terms of depth of 80 cm, a small minority (20% on 50 stations) could be set up without the plexiglass dividers and therefore require a distance between the players in terms of depth of 100cm.

The plexiglass, of optimal transparency, will be positioned in the middle of the board but will leave the vertical space of 20 cm to allow the passage of each player’s hand to make the move.

As an example, you can view the related images of the set-up carried out on the occasion of the 9th and 10th Salento International Open 2020-2021, held in September 2020 and May 2021.

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