Bratto/Castione della Presolana (Bergamo) - 22/29 August 2021

Rules and Regulations

Registration implies acceptance and full compliance with what is stated herein and any changes made for the success of the event.

Players are required to read the FSI/CONI COVID-19 safe by the organizers to get successful event.

Players are required to confirm their presence by attending, at 2.30 pm on August 22nd information meeting. If any player cannot attend the absence by sending a written communication to the tournament organization at least 24 hours in advance. Players will be not attend information/safety protocol meeting could be not paired for the first round.

In compliance with the FSI RTF – Article 7.5.1 you can only request a bye once, correspondingto ½ point, except for the last 3 (Three) rounds of the game provided. The player must submitthe request in writing to the arbitration board, without limitation before the start of the tournament, indicating the turn to which the request relates.

All Italian and foreign players resident in Italy must be registered with FSi for the year 2021 with competitive or junior cards. Membership is possible at the tournament with ASD Chess Projects. Non-Italian players are admitted only if in possession of a FIN (FIDE ID) attributed by the Federation.

Each participating player must have a FIDE ID.

The pairing system is Swiss-Dutch.

If a player arrives at the board more than 60 minutes late, he will lose the game.

It is forbidden to bring electronic devices into the playing area. Please note that smart watches are also forbidden in the playing area.Arbiters will be not responsable to keep electronic devices.

Players are required to show up in the game room with clothing appropriate to the profile.

International event.In compliance with the FSI RTF – article 7.5.1 it is possible to request a bye only once, corresponding to ½ point, except for the last 3 (three) rounds of the game. Before the start of the tournament, the player who wants to benefit from a ½ point bye must make the request in writing to the Referee Direction, indicating which round the request refers to.

For all subjects not covered by this notice – rules of the event and as reported to integration on this website, the rules apply of the international FIDE regulations in force at the time of registration.

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